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Re: Wheel Fantasy


     You wrote:  "I run the magnesium BBS's in 16X7.5 app on the track with
     205/55 16 tires...
     They have had the bolt holes drilled larger for the 14mm audi bolts
     (MB is 11mm) and uses the aluminum centering ring...."

     I'v just had to send back a beautiful set of TSW Hockenheim wheels (16
     x 7.5 w/ 35mm offset) and 205/55/16 tires because the darned things
     stick out of the rear fenders.  My 86 5KCSTQ has H&R springs on it
     which drops it about 1.25". This is my second set of wheels that
     supposedly fit and did not (don't ask about the first set :->).  Can
     you or anyone give me the potential combinations that will fit on a
     lowered car??  I prefer 16" but at this point I'm open to
     suggestions..like the BBS's you mentioned??

     Thanks much!!

     Brian Vinson
     86 5KCSTQ w/ Koni, H&R and no cool wheels that fit.....:-(