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Re: RE Dealer brochure '87 GT 2.3

There WAS a small, tri-fold brochure on this model;  it had a picture or
two, was monochromatic, printed on heavy card stock.  Saw it at the dealer
shortly after I picked up my 4kcsq in Jun '87 Roger Jobs Motors in
Bellingham, WA.  (12/86 mfg date).  no real specs mentioned, just the unique
features:  white exterior, red leather interior, 2.3L engine and 4 wheel
disc brakes, same for the last few 4kcsq in '87.  didn't apply to my car, so
i didn't take one.


At 05:38 PM 12/10/96 -0500, RELAYER@aol.com wrote:
>well, you are out of luck on this one, the 2.3 GT came in mid year and no
>specific brochure was printed in regard to it.  I have all the Audi brochures
>from 1986 on, and the '87 brochure is for the 110 hp engine, and there were
>no updated brochures printed for the model change that I could find, and i
>did look for one when I heard of the 2.3 GT.
>   Maybee some dealers had a "Fact Sheet" printed up on the 2.3, buy I never
>found any from Audi that year.
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