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RE: quattro vs. syncro

VW Syncro uses a viscous coupling system.  It has a oil based fluid "can" that has plates with holes that spin.  When you lose traction, somehow power is tranferred through this and you get traction.  It is basically front wheel drive until you need the traction.  Quattro is full time all wheel drive.  It is the same as a front drive setup, but the rear of the gearbox has a drive shaft that goes to a rear differential that drives the rear wheels.  In the current quattros, The torsen differentials split the bias to which wheels need traction the most.  Under normal circumstances, the split is 75/25.  Both systems are great in situations with poor traction, but my opinion (biased though) is that quattro is better because all four wheels are always different.  Really, the only drawbacks to me are that you must adjust your driving style to the all wheel drive.

Scott Mallett
84 4000s quattro

(original message)
Subject: quattro vs. Syncro

Exatly what are the differences between VW Syncro system
and the Audi quattro system (current incarnations). 
Which is better in what situations?
What are the drawback to each?

Michael Benno 90q20v
(looking for Audi CD player)