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Re: quattro vs. syncro

In message Scott Mallett writes:

> VW Syncro uses a viscous coupling system.  It has a oil based fluid =
> "can" that has plates with holes that spin.  When you lose traction, =
> somehow power is tranferred through this and you get traction.  It is =
> basically front wheel drive until you need the traction.  Quattro is =
> full time all wheel drive.  It is the same as a front drive setup, but =
> the rear of the gearbox has a drive shaft that goes to a rear =
> differential that drives the rear wheels.  

Ooooops, couple of mistakes here.

My '87 Quantum Syncro has the Audi 5-cyl engine and the 4000 Quattro running 

The Ralley Golfs and the Vanagon Syncro used the viscous AWD system you 

And in the Quattro system, the drive shaft goes from the tranny, to the center
differential and *then* back through the hollow primary drive *back* to the 
front differential and thence the front wheels.  The drive shaft from the rear 
of the center differential goes to the rear differential and thence the rear