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Re: Airbags, me wasting your BW

At 10:52 AM 12/11/96 EST, you wrote:
>On Dec 10,  8:38pm, human wrote:
>From what I know about side airbags, they don't come out very far like a
front airbag.  From pictures it looks like they are small and come out maybe
half a foot. I don't think it could hurt a baby. But.. You never no. I also
think they don't deploy unless there is someone sitting there. The new
mercedes passenger airbag's don't deploy if it senses the person is too
short and so they can't get injured by the bag. I don't know if the A8 has
something like this. 
>> Yes, a good way to injure children is to put them in the front
>> seat...
>Sorry if I missed the answer to this question already, but:
>what does one do in an A8, which has airbags in the rear
>sides?  I'd assume you'd put the baby carrier in the center of
>the rear seat, but still... and what if you have twins?  Can
>you not carry them safetly in an A8?
>Dan Masi
>'96 A4Q