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Re: Audis in the movies

At 02:22 PM 12/11/96 +0000, you wrote:
"License to Drive" He steals his Grandfathers old chevy or something without
his license and totals it.  His mom drove an Audi 5000.  They show the car a
few times. 

>I was channel surfing last night and the sight of an Audi 200 Quattro sedan 
>caught my attention.   It was prominently featured in "The Living Daylights" 
>starring Timothy Dalton as James Bond.  I started watching the chase scenes 
>and then later he gets into another Audi: this time a 200TQ Wagon.  The 
>Audis didn't have all the trick stuff as in the Aston.    So which other 
>movies have Audis been spotted in?
>Steve Jagernauth sjagernauth@attmail.com