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>	I was just wonder what kind of modification can you do to the
>airbox???  I have an '84 4000 s, non turbo with no cat,and a K&N filter.
>I noticed the opening for the airbox comes from an apprx. 2 to 3" pipe
>from the side of the car to the bottom of the box. (Is that right?) Is
>there anything I can do to this airbox, is there any boxes one could

If you live somewhere where the only snow you ever see is on Christmas
cards, you can remove the hose from the exhaust manifold and the thermostat
that feeds warm air to the airbox ... this restriction and/or the warm air
costs you a couple of horsepower.  You can also drill extra holes in the
back/bottom side of the box -- a 1" holesaw works nicely -- to let more air
in and (I'm not sure this applies to your '84 but it did to my '85) you can
reroute the intake tube so it doesn't breathe from behind the front fender.
Contrary to what you've read elsewhere, I haven't found any problems with a
ram-air setup on a CIS-equipped car...

Don't expect a big increase in power (a few HP at best) but do expect an
increase in intake noise ... even if you're not actually accelerating any
quicker, it definitely sounds like you are!
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