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Re: TORSEN's in racing?

In a message dated 96-12-12 02:45:37 EST, 75363.2524@compuserve.com (Joe
Yakubik) writes:

<< Either Eric F. or Scott (PDQSHIP) wrote that TORSEN's weren't used in
 What did the A4Q's in the DTM and the BTCC use?  >>

Just for the sake of prolonging the argument, I looked in the Audi Sport
press kit released at the beginning of this season.  In the technical
description of the Super Touring Cars it says;

"Mittendifferential:  Torsen Zwischendifferential, wahlweise
Viscosperrdifferential mit Momentenverteilung"

Now, most of you will recognize this to say that the center differential was
a Torsen or, alternatively, a viscous unit with torque distribution.  As it
happens, I also have a plan view of the car meticulously laid out in
dissection detail.  The gear box/transfer case certainly has room for a
center diff of some sort, but I just can't see inside it.  Shame.

Of course I realize that some of you have seen the car (in one of its many
guises) and have voiced different opinions.  That's ok, the folks at Audi are
probably just trying to throw us off the trail.