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Re: 200q driver lock situation

Hairy green toads from Mars made WLAMB@denver.echobay.com say:

>      This morning as I locking my '89 200q in the parking garage, there was
>      funny pop sound as the key turned.  The door (and the other doors)
>      did not lock but the alarm was armed. I went to the passenger side and
>      locked the car.  Any insight on what broke in the driver's door?  
>      Anybody been here before?  I have seen the serpentine capillary tubes 
>      for the automatic door locks when I have replace window switches, --oh 
>      boy am I in line for another real Audi engineering learning 
>      experience? 


It's the locking lever that actuates the physical lock mechanism.
The alarm is a small electrical switch that is separately mounted
to the lock cylinder.

If you're lucky, the lever just slipped off the arm. If not, you
need to replace the cylinder with the new, beefier one, swap tumblers,
and mount the new item. About 2 hours or so, including popping the
door panels.

There was an extensive discussion of this on the archives about
last march (when mine went).


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