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RE: Engine Swap - many thanks need additional information

Thanks to all who replied, my direction is clear, I NEED A 91 200TQ ENGINE!  Now
back on more realistic ground I have a few more questions.

1) The S2 is a car to lust after, what was(is) its performance capablity?

2) It has been mentioned that the S2 contains many other parts, but the main
ones I am interested in are, brakes, and suspension.  If I stuff in this extra
HP, I want brakes, and need suspension.  I perfer to have more brakes than
engine, so what are the options?  And in reality even if I go with the orginal
20v motor, I still would like more brakes.

3) Where can I find additional information on the S2 and non UR-Quattro?
Anybody done an HTML  list of Magizine articles related to these cars?  I am
interested in any information I can gather.

4) Is there a factory manual for these things, I am assuming Bently, if so where
can I get a good deal on it?

5) Does anybod have any performance figures, for the stock US spec 90-91 coupes?

Thanks again,

Stephen Jacobs