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Re: Audi Promotions

Pschyo Bob wrote...
> I wrote...
> >   So Audi ( of America ) brought a half dozen or so into their parking
> >garage one day... an A8, a coupe A6s and A4s, maybe a Cabriolet...
> >complete with a few salesmen, catered lunch, and a few, in my girlfriend's
> >-ahem- words, Audi-whores... leggy, scantily-clad model types.
> Holy good gravy, man! You mean this really happens!? I thought that was
> strictly "wet dream" kinda scenerio... Did she take some pictures?

   Alas, no.  She was not in attendance... she got the scoop from her 
boss who was apparently invited.

   And btw, that should be a *couple* A6s, not a coupe A6.  I freuded 
that up.

 Dave Hillman
 New Boston Systems, Chicago