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Re: Battery Bleeding

David Cerutti wrote on Wed, 11 Dec 1996:

>I have continually had problems with my batteries bleeding in 
>my 76Z. Over time the acids will eventually destroy the car if 
>I don't clean them up with baking soda regularly...

You're battery is being charged at a too high voltage causing 
the electrolyte to boil. Check what voltage it is getting, 
should be 2.23 - 2.25 V/cell, alas 13.38 - 13.50 V. Measure 
across the battery terminals. You're problem is most likely a 
faulty regulator, if you don't have a cell inside the battery 
that has shorted out (happens when deposits (normal corrosion) 
from the postive plates accumulate and finally "clog up" the 
separator between the postive and negative plates).

Best.../// P-o Selander, Dallas, TX
'91 300 ZXTT
'89 100 E