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Offset on Speedline's ??

Does anybody know what the actual offset of the 15x7 Speedline wheels
that Audi fitted as OEM to the 20V 90's?  I've gotten conflicting
reports as to whether they were 45mm offset or 37mm.

I'm trying to find out if they will work on my '85 GT that has 14x6 45mm
offset stock wheels.  I had a set of 15x7 Borbets that were 35mm offset
and worked fine, so I'm assuming that if they are 37mm they'll work OK.

On the same note, does anybody know what changes they made to the front
suspension between the '85-'87 4KQ's and the 90's?  This might help me
figure out the wheel compatibility issues.



P.S.  Mucho thanks to Jeff Goggin (AudiDudi) for providing me the
starting info to figure this out.

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