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Was: What's the big deal about Torsen? Is: 5kcstqw

In a note dated 12/11/96, Steve Buchholz comments:
<snip>I wouldn't discount the "estate" so easily ... I own an "old tech" '83
>and an '88 5kTQW and I enjoy driving both.  My impression is that the pur-
>pose built rear suspension in the avant is very well done, and my *impres-
>sion* is that although the 5k has a much more compliant suspension it seems 
>to be able to handle the twisties as well as my '83.<snip>
I wouldn't discount it either...Having owned over 30 cars in the past 20 some
odd years...many performance oriented (3 Porsches, 6 Audis, countless BMW's
in my foolish younger days, and on and on...) and having driven many many
more (including a few urq's-not Torsen ones though)...My 87 5kcstqw was THE
BEST car I have ever owned from a performance standpoint. I fell in love with
this car when I saw it (3 years old with 19k miles, dark blue, NO RACKS!) and
to drive it was a dream come true. This car was just plain on rails...I
traded in my beloved 911s on it because this "station wagon" flat dusted it
in every way (okay, except motor sounds :)). The I5t wagons were indeed what
US Porsche/Audi dealers called em "the station wagon that thinks its a sports
car" and I will always miss that car. I blew people's minds with this car on
a regular basis-don't discount the capabilities just because you can put
stuff in through the back hatch! The sedan version can probably be tuned to a
slightly higher degree for best track times-don't know for sure-but the wagon
was a q to be reckoned with!

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (and still missing that tqw!)