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Re: A4 cupholders

In article <UPMAIL09.199611261929050624@msn.com> you write:
>I know I am REALLY late getting into this string, but the best things that fit 

Not as late as I am...  :-)

>into the A$ cupholders are:  Snapple Bottles, Starbucks plastic trave tumblers 
>(the holiday type are on sale now, to explain the style) and 20 oz soda 

On our last trip back to Canada, we stopped at a drive-through and got
a couple of large drinks.  You know, the big mother drinks...  The first
thing I thought when I saw them was that they'd fit PERFECTLY in the
A4.  They were plastic "Collectable" cups that were narrower at the
bottom than at the top:

|         |
|         |
|         |
|         |
|         |
\         /
 \       /
  |     |
  |     |
  |     |

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