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Pikes Peak or Bust 1997/ USA Audi-Fest '97

In message <> Jim Griffin writes:

> I live on the East coast, and would love to join you guys on the pilgrimage
> out west. I think that once the holidays are over, we can start some serious
> planning on the event (at least I know I can... right now, it is close to
> impossible to even think twice about it...).

Well, we have [most of] the cars and the basic willingness - Nigel and I can 
also both make the time available.  An awful lot is still missing from the 
plan, including an awful lot of money(!) but we're devoting some time and 
effort to it.  Logistics shouldn't be too bad - the USA is after all a 
civilised society with drinkable water, edible food and medical care.  Even 
_some_ Audi parts in scattered locations, we hear.  We won't face the 
traditional "expedition" problems. 3600 miles should be nothing for a car 
that's already done 150k and is well prepared.

We're ever mindful of the "Flying Scotsman" debacle, in which the money ran out 
and the it had to be abandoned in the USA.  That's _NOT_ going to happen to my 
And, BTW, sensible offers to buy it off me will not be considered.  Truly 
OUTRAGEOUS ones _might_ be.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club