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BMW CCA driver's school at Firebird

I've decided that I'm going to attend the BMW CCA driver's school being held
at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona on February 15th and 16th ...
they're going to be running on the 1.6-mile road course using the LONG front
straight and you should be able to hit 115+ mph before braking for the
carousel turn!

Non-BMSs are being accepted on a space-available basis but I've got some
pull and can probably get anyone who is interested in ... if you're looking
for something to do over the Valentine Day weekend, this might be just the
ticket!  Historically, the weather here in February should be sunny and
clear, with highs in the low 70s, so if you're snowbound, this will be a
good opportunity to see if your summer clothes still fit...

Contact me for additional info.  I can't promise anything at this point but
there's a chance I can provide a few people with showers and floor space for
sleeping bags... 
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