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Re: V8 needs struts.....

At 07:50 AM 12/13/96 EST, you wrote:
>This is a repost.... some people mentioned they didn't
>see it, so here it is again :-)
>Hi Everybody,
>I haven't posted in awhile but I'm need of some 
>advice :-)
>The 'ole V8 has a bad case of the floats, so it's 
>time for new struts.  The OEM struts are ludicrously
>expensive (as in about $650.- )but the Boge Turbo Gas
>are somewhat reasonable.   
>Anybody out there put new struts on their V8 ?  
>if yes, can you tell me what kind and if you they
>were stiffer ? the same ? softer ?

I replaced the worn out original struts in our V8 last summer.  I used the
Boge turbo gas.  They are noticably stiffer than the WORN OUT ONES.  Most
people who change out struts do it after the strut's useful life.  They get
use to the Cadillac ride, so ANY replacement strut is "stiffer than stock"
to them.  I have had cars with new, Konis, KYB and Boge.  I like the Boge.
Then again, my Koni equiped car is set to full hard, something I'd never do
on a 5k used 99% of the time on the street!

John Karasaki

Quattro Club (regional & national) member