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Re: V8 needs struts.....

Eliot Lim wrote:
> mike, the factory uses boge turbo gas as the stock shocks.  the markup
> is the only thing that is different.  :)
> eliot
I am planning to add a full kit to my car as soon as the parts are
ready, so, I you can wait and see how it is.  Right now I have the solid
subframe bushings and it handles better that ever.  I cannot wait for
the Koni's and new springs!

Since I just found out that some of you are not on the list, here is
what is new with the V8:  

16" S4 wheels with Dunlop D40's
Subframe bushings
New throttle body from????  It is a prototype that was tested at the US
proving grounds so probably from a 4.2, or believe it or not, Audi was
developing a 5.2L,  yes 5.2L, V8 for a while so who knows?


Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320

Saint Louis, Missouri