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Re: O2 sensors

In a message dated 96-12-13 00:24:53 EST, you write:

<<  >weld-in o2 sensor fitting: p# 764-60406 $7.69  @ JEG'S 1-800-345-4545 -
 > you can buy a nut at any decent nut & bolt supply.   I think the front
 hubnut on a VW is the same thread.  That may  also be true of one of your
 parts cars. - Graydon
 Thanks, folks.  Sorry Graydon, same pitch, different diameter.  I have a
 couple of 18M 1.5 nuts on order due tomorrow at my local hardware store, but
 you be sure I will be test fitting the new OXS to the threads before I do
 any drilling, grinding or welding.  The JEGS part sure sounds nice, I
 suppose JCW probably have one, too.  For my next exhaust maybe I'll have one
 of them  >>
Might have to throw up my apologies here too, I thought it was a 125 pitch, I
have both the tap and the die, guess I'll have to ck now...