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97 A4 Motion Sensors/Audi Telephone pin-outs/Seat Comfort

Hey all, just joined this list after picking up an A4 three days
ago. Love the car, my first Audi. 

Couple of questions regarding some of the features:

 The internal motion sensors. Cannot seem to set off the alarm via the
 motion sensors. I tried leaving the sun-roof open, locking the car
 with the remote, waiting the prescribed 30-40 seconds for the alarm
 to initialize. Then stuck my hand inside the car waving
 wildly. Nothing. Thinking that possibly it won't work with any windows
 open (what's the point then?) I shut up the car, got inside and
 activated the alarm with the remote. Sat still for 30 seconds, until
 the alarm light slowed to its steady heartbeat pace. Again, wild
 movement and no alarm. Any clues? I told the dealer, and he wants to
 look at it, but wanted to check here too.

 Also, was poking around under the arm rest looking for the wiring for
 the telephone. Under the arm rest there is a 1.5" x 1.5" black
 cover. Prying this off reveals what appears to be a RJ45 plug, for
 the Audi cell-phone. Does anyone know the pin-out of this plug? Can I
 hookup a Motorola phone here without using the lighter plug?

Love the new car, all except for the drivers seat. Being 6'5 I seem to
be having allot of back problems if I'm in the car for more then an
hour or so. Does Audi have any other seats more accommodating to taller
people. How about Ricarro(sp?).

- Bob
97 A4Q

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