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Quattro 'Logo' for offer

 I spent some time with Micrografx Draw to create myself
 a logo for a t-shirt iron-on.   I had to do this from scratch
 (anyone who's used a PC draw package knows this is no
 easy thing!) but it came out pretty well, and I thought that 
 I may as well share it with anyone who wants it.

 The 'logo' comprises the 4 rings in grey as a background, 
 with the "quattro" logo script in blue accross the middle 
 (same width as the rings) then "by Audi" in red in the 
 bottom half of the rightmost ring (below the "o" in quattro).
 The "quattro" and "Audi" were hand-drawn versions of
 the respective logo scripts, so they are probably not 
 exact (though they look it to my average eye).

 Anyway, I can email (mime/uue format) either the original 
 MGX draw file (then you can modify any bit you want) OR
 I can mail an MS bitmap version (which will suffer from 
 grainy/jagged edges to an extent) to anyone who replies.
 I'll wait until next week to gather responses, so I can mail
 in one chunk.  Please tell me which version you want!

-Mark Quinn (QUINN@HNS.COM)