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RE: Dealers Math: What *AM* I smoking?

>The car:
>  97 A4Q
>  Brilliant Yellow with Antichrist (or whatever :-) leather

Just a word of caution on the brillant yellow. After seeing AoA's adds
on TV, I really liked the yellow. Remindes me alot of the Porsche "speed
yellow". BUT, after seeing a 97 2.8L A4 with the Brillant Yellow, I
think that the yellow is way less that brillant. The color of this car
was more of a pale yellow, and not the more goldenrod color in the
commercial. I talked with the salesperson, and he said they have the car
outside because it looks even worse under the florscents of the
showroom. It could have been a bad paint batch, but I would strongly
recommend you see a "Brillant Yellow" A4 in person before odering one. I
was _very_ disappointed.