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The A4 and the Boxster share this pale yellow as one of the "standard"
colors.  The yellow is what most people might see as an almost Pastel yellow-
BUT, the car in the ads has the same paint job as the ABT A4 (featured in a
bunch of auto rags) which is indeed like Porsche's more saturated speed
yellow.  Much better.  I believe there are actually 2 yellows to choose from,
with the more saturated one being Mucho Extra Dinero.. In fact, a pale yellow
Boxster is no extra charge.  But Speed yellow is an extra $2500 option.  Go

BTW- I spoke with the audi regional rep, and A4 1.8T manuals hit CA in late
January.  He said that Audi had increased its sales by around 50% per year
and hasn't adjusted its tracking and build schedules to that volume, so
nothing is for sure.  Meanwhile, dealers end up sounding stoopid.  This time,
it ain't totally their fault.


Saam Gabbay
1990 Coupe Quattro (Have you guys used Rain-X before?! 4th year and lovin it)