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British invasion

For the UK listers that wish to visit the US this summer, there are lots of
shipping options:

If you want to do it in style and travel with your car, the QE2 is available.
You might have to consider the weight bias of the driver by the time you reached
the US though.  Maybe the empty space in your wallets could offset the increase
in waistline.

The best shipping company I've dealt with is E.H. Harms.  They'll give you
pick-up and delivery dates, the name of the ship, the name of the captain of the
ship and, in the event of a price decrease due to exchange rates (I think
they're German based, but ship out of Liverpool, too) a nice check when you pick
up your car.

I think US east coast (Maryland) -- Liverpool costs about $550 US.  This is one
way though.  Maybe you can talk Audi into letting you drive those three stranded
1.8T A4Q's from the Colorado dealer back to Europe.

That's it, yeah, it's a US tourist delivery program!  Go to the US and pick up
your european car...

Thinking about it, Audi could use those cars in a summer promo for the 1.8T.
"Newest quattro at Pikes Peak".

Joe Yakubik