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New Coupes

For those people waiting for the next coupe, and don't want the TT:

The next Audi Coupe will be based on the next generation A6 platform.  So far
there have been a few "artist's conceptions" in the german car magazines that
pretty much could be any "new" car from any manufacturer.  Pretty much Graphic
Arts class standard stuff.   Almost all pastel colors, shading without depth,
slap some rings on it and call it Audi.  Oh, it's supposed to be a BMW, or a
Mercedes, or a .....

I'll agree with Tom on the latest Passat:  It definitely looks better,
externally at least, in VW trim than in the Audi.  Maybe it's due to the lack of
trimming:  cleaner and classier.  Only considering looks, I'd take it over the
new A6.

Joe Yakubik