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Re: Brake Accumulator and Steering Rack

Previous thread:

> >I have the same problem in my '89 100E. I got quoted $550 for a new 
>  >rack with one year warranty from a local Audi expert in Dallas (not 
>  >the dealer). Not an expert, but I think the rack can be rebuilt, 
>  >just not the same as the earlier 5000 models (supposedly "stronger" 
>  >and will hold up longer prior to leakage). And by the way, Audi in 
>  >Dallas wanted $450 for labor ONLY.
>  >
>  If ya can turn a wrench and argue with a long object without getting
>  itsa bout a 3.5 hour job max to swap out. I've tried the rebuild kit route
>  twice - seals blew in 1 week 1st time, 6 weeks second time.

On the contrary, I have rebuilt mine this past summer and it (still) does not
leak. I have also rebuilt 2 P/S pomps and a gazillion of master, slave and
wheel cylinders as well (brake and clutch) as well as calipers in the past
with 100% success. In my firm opinion it is certainly wirth a try. A rack
rebuild is somewhat challenging, though.
Required me to make 2 custom tools to do this. I won't reccomend even to
touch this job without a Bentley.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ