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Re: Speed traps and Radar

James A. Zwahlen wrote:
> Achille Riviello wrote:
> > A friend of mine put a similar switch in his 88(?) VW Golf.  It was a 3-way
> > switch that in one mode allowed the brake lights to work normally.  The
> > second mode disabled the brake lights so he could brake without the cops
> > seeing the lights.  The third mode turned on the brake lights without
> > braking to shake tail-gaters ("SH**!  He hit his brakes!" they would say as
> > he accelerated away from them...).  Anyway, the switch was dash mounted, and
> > he just flipped it depending on the situation.  Pretty neat...
> >
> GEE WHIZ!!!  This string is scaring the pudding out of me!  To think that there are
> those that are running around out there at 85mph with their brake lights disabled.  Holy
> Cheez Whiz, Batman.
> It is not illegal to brake hard and have your brake lights come on, but it is certainly
> criminal and immoral (and very MORTAL) to disable your brake lights.
> We all understand the need for speed, but let's me sensible about it.
> Sermon over, Brother Eric, will you let us in prayer?
> jazman