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RE: 97 A4 Motion Sensors/Audi Telephone pin-outs/Seat Comfort

Bob Cotton <bcotton@synxis.com> writes:

>The internal motion sensors. Cannot seem to set off the alarm via the
> motion sensors. ... snip ...

Yeah Bob,  have the same situation myself.  I COULD get them to trigger
the alarm, but only after shoving my whole upper torso in the open 
window and waving my arms around for about 30 seconds - even
then not reliably.  The dealership service guy said (I quote) "I dunno ... 
never tried it"!   Let me know if you get anywhere with this.

> poking around under the arm rest looking for the wiring for
>  the telephone. ... snip ... Does anyone know the pin-out of this plug?

I don't know the pinout, but my salesman said that a few people had
tried to put other phones in without success.  Just like the CD chgr,
this is a non-standard cable wiring (with noone I know of doing an

By the way - if you pull up the rubber mat in the little cargo bay by 
the connector, it's fairly easy to take out the connector support
and then pull out the connector and wire and stuff them down 
underneath - leaving you with a larger (little) cargo bay.  Buy a cheap
rubber mat and cut-out a rectangle to fit the larger area (use a piece
of hardboard/plastic underneath as a physical support).

- Mark Quinn