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Re: Latest Radar ( V1 stuff)

Earlier, KWeiner64@aol.com (Marc Weiner) told us: 
> Just read the latest Automobile (U.S.) magazine while I was waiting for a
> prescription at the store.  Big shake-up -  the Whistler 1490 beat the
> Valentine One (V1) by a few points and cost about 1/2 the price.
>   ...  I currently have the Bel 845sti and I'm
> getting real sick of all the false alarms around the city (Denver). 
  the V-1 ability to count signals goes a long ways to let you know
when it's a false signal - expecially around city stuff.  When it's
burglar alarms, there are almost always several signals - usually
several weak ones at that.  

  Other plus stuff - is the remote readout unit.  In a car, I put the remote
readout in front of me.  On a bike, I play the audio into the helmet
speakers, and have run the remote readout on the top edge of the
windshield on touring bikes.

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