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Re: Wheel Fantasy-correct offset

In a message dated 96-12-14 17:14:52 EST, you write:

<<    So realistically speaking, these rims will fit on a 5TQ because 
 the offset is correct at 45mm. I'll look into this. I'll also laugh 
 at the price per wheel. I don't want them that bad.  Anyway, these 
 same A4 rims should fit on your V8 Q because the offset is higher-not 
 lower. The reason they won't fit on your V8 Q is because I presume 
 you still have the UFO brakes and the wheels will not fit around the 
 calipers right? They might also look a little funny because they will 
 sit inwards of the fenders and not look "filled out" anymore right?
Thanks, Chad, but no, I don't have the UFO brakes anymore(but even if I did,
they'd probably still fit), but you're right on the 2nd count --they'd look a
little funny not filling out those fenders.  Hope your Christmas wish comes
true!  Incidentally, Tire Rack has a new Fitipaldi Wheel (Polaris) in an
attractive 5-spoke design.