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Re: Wheel Fantasy-correct offset

> I've tried and tried to find a 15X7" or better yet a 16X7" aftermarket
> rim with an offset of 40-45 and always get a NO!

Most wheel manufacturers have only a few castings to work from for each of
their models hence the limited range of offsets available.  If you go with
racing wheels cu$tom-made to your specs, you can get anything you want ...
btw, many well-known wheel manufacturers have racing departments that will
come up with wheels the marketing folks say don't exist ... I once got the
BBS racing department to import a set of wheels from Japan for the NX-2000
we raced in 1992, this despite the fact that everyone else there said they
either didn't exist or couldn't be had.  It wasn't cheap, mind you, but at
less than 10 pounds each -- a total savings of 24 pounds for the set! -- I
thought it was well worth the price (especially since I wasn't writing the
>      I refuse to have my rear quarters rolled again. I know there are 
> rims of 16X7 out there that other Q owners are running on their 
> 5000TQ with no problem because they've got the right offset. I'm glad 
> you addressed this problem because I was going to sooner or later. So 
> guys- let me (or all of us) know what your running on your 5000TQ or 
> 200 TQ's (not '91 20V's of course) for aftermarket rims with the correct
> offset (or at least close).

I'm using 8x17 Compomotive MOs on my '89 200q; with 215/45-17s, they don't
rub anywhere and I didn't have to do ANY bodywork whatsoever!  Once I swap
to 2.5" springs, I can probably fit a 9" wheel under the fenders as that's
that's the tight spot at the moment.  I'll probably stay with the 8s but I
am thinking about trying 225/45s or even 235/45s when my present tires are
worn out...

Check out my webpage for photos ... if you're interested in buying some of
the wheels, I might be able to help since I have an extra set that I might
be persuaded to part with.

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