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Re:urq vs 200's???

At 09:02 PM 12/14/96 -0500, you wrote:

>I don't understand how a great big Audi 5000 quattro four door could
>possibly out perform a spry little coupe quattro two door, given that you
>basically have the same pile o'stuff under the hood or available for
>tweaking?   What am I missing (a lot, I'm sure, like knowing anything
>whereof I speak)?

You must remember that Eric is a former professional racer, and Graydon is a
current racer. Scott J. (PDQSHIP) and Ned can and have tweaked about every
bit of HP out of a 10V available (Neds beast puts out 400+, PDQ isn't
talking but I would say a conservative 300+).  Ned even sez the 10V has
better potential than the 20V. Those big Audi four doors can be set up quite
nice for the track. Eric sells the suspension that everyone raves about.
Virtually any track selected over here will be completely known and sorted
out by them. Quite different than dancing along back roads. Put it all
together - driver, setup, and dialed in tracks and you have a recipe for

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