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Re: Speedometer "FIX"

In a message dated 96-12-14 01:07:26 EST, Twain.Mein@wellsfargo.com (Mein,
Twain) writes:

>  So  I still haven't fixed my sproadic at best speedo-odo
>  I know that others with 200's and the curs-ed electrical speedo/odo have 
>  found ways to jimmy pins/wives sewing needles into the electrical 
>  connectors...but that just seems too daunting. Taking the dash apart
>  me.
>  How much do you all estimate a "fix" would cost?

On my car both the speedo and the odometer were intermittent. It turned out 
to be a bad solder joint on the Molex male header in the GND circuit on one
of the boards. I resoldered it and the problem disappeared. Later I read
about it in the Audi Service Bulletins (#90-89-TO1) in reference to all
100/200's. It turned out to be a typical problem.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ