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Re: Speedometer "FIX"

I also have some experience with fixing both mechanical and electronic Audi 
speedos.  The worst trial was the electronic intermittent.  The fix, once I 
figured it out, was simple.  The cause was obvious.  When resetting trip 
odometer (mechanical push of button) the heavy handed person may give it a 
good shove. Crack!  The board that the button is mounted on is kind of flimsy 
and the pc traces are easily fractured.  Simple solder job and no more 
intermittent.  If you are scared of the job, consider the Audi solution, send 
the entire instrument cluster to california-no loaners thank you-and, as I 
recall the cost was several $100's.

On Sun, 15 Dec 1996, I6941tb@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 96-12-14 01:07:26 EST, Twain.Mein@wellsfargo.com (Mein,
>Twain) writes:
>>  So  I still haven't fixed my sproadic at best speedo-odo
>>  I know that others with 200's and the curs-ed electrical speedo/odo have 
>>  found ways to jimmy pins/wives sewing needles into the electrical 
>>  connectors...but that just seems too daunting. Taking the dash apart
>>  me.
>>  How much do you all estimate a "fix" would cost?
>On my car both the speedo and the odometer were intermittent. It turned out 
>to be a bad solder joint on the Molex male header in the GND circuit on one
>of the boards. I resoldered it and the problem disappeared. Later I read
>about it in the Audi Service Bulletins (#90-89-TO1) in reference to all
>100/200's. It turned out to be a typical problem.
>Igor Kessel
>'89 200TQ
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