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4ksq tail light/head light problem

Hello out there:

I was driving home on I-5 when I as pulled over by a state troopper.  My 
tail lights were not on.  Luckily he didn't cite me.  

I hope one of you can shed light onto my situation.  When I turn my 
parking lights on (the first click) my tail lights and instument cluster 
lights come on, but when I turn on my head lights (second click) the 
cluster lights and the tail lights go out.  It sounds like a crossed 
wire, but I don't know too much about that sort of stuff.  Any help or 
advice would greatly be appreciated.  All this after I finally fixed the 
reverse lights that were permenently on.

Thanks in advance.

Brian Bressler
85 4ksq
oly, wa