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Pikes Peak or Bust 1997/ USA Audi-Fest '97

In message <v03007801aeda674cef93@[]> Ernest Wong writes:

> I'm still waiting to hear how Mr. "light up the moon" Payne is going to
> drive in the US of A with them lights on his UrQ.

I thought I'd covered this one.

However - my current thoughts are as follows:

The housing, connectors and reflectors are common to LHD and RHD Euro
lights.  So I could just change the lenses.  What I would prefer to
do is get complete new LHD assemblies with the power adjustment
feature.  My wiring loom is prepared for it - I just need the motors
and switch.  The microfiche is quite explicit in stating that the
feature can only be added by replacing the whole housing.  On returning
to England, I'll have one set of LHD lenses and one set (my old
standard non-motorised) of housings for sale.  Perhaps we'll hold an
auction on the quayside.

 Phil Payne

 (phil@sievers.com, despite what the bounces say.  If I don't
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