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Re: 90Q20V Aftermarket Radio

If you just connect the two antennas with the Y connector - you'll get 
interference and cross talk from both of them sice the impedence of each 
one is different. 


On Mon, 16 Dec 1996, Peter Tracy wrote:

> When I got my '90 90Q20V, there was an Alpine radio in it. The FM reception 
> has never been great and the AM is worse. Knowing that there were two 
> antennas with different connectors than normal radios, I decided to take 
> out the radio and see how it was connected. It turns out that whoever 
> installed the radio soldered/taped the antenna wires in the car to wires 
> with the conventional connector. Only one antenna wire was connected to the 
> radio. I went to Radio Shack and got a 'Y' connector so I could connect 
> both antennas. Does this make sense? What do most people do when installing 
> aftermarket radios?
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