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RE: RE: Radar Detectors

This may sound stupid, but I've never had those readability problems with 
Passport 5000 that I noticed some people on this list had. 
I just put it on the windshield in my field of view, somewhere to the 
side, but so I can see it with my peripheral vision without turning my 
head. Also, I've never experienced that "screen fades in the sunlight 
effect"... I understand what you mean though.
However, it's ability to give you the max info is second to none and it's 
range is comparable with V1 in most situations. (no radar locator though) 
The LCD is somewhat of a hassle in extreme temperatures.

My friend got Bell 855 (the cordless one). It's very good in terms of 
antifalsing and range. Also seems to have very powerful signal amplifier 
since my 
Passport is able to "see" it several car lengths apart. Shouldn't be a 
problem because of Shadow Technology used by Bell against VG2. 


On Thu, 12 Dec 1996 Paul_Royal@isserv9.idx.com wrote:

>   Re: Last letter praising CM/Cobras>
>        This is not the start of an argument; just my experience.  The
>   Passport 5000 seems to be good at detecting and blowing off falses...but
>   it is very hard to see...no color codes..screen fades in sunlight etc.
>   It was unacceptable for me because it required eyes off the road way too
>   much.  The 4600 falses like it's its job.  KA-X mostly.  I thought I was
>   listening to a heart monitor for Mother Theresa..also unacceptable.  Just
>   my personal experience.
>   -Royal     "Uniden LRD 6299/SWS still doing a great job!"