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RE: 5kCSTQ with FREAKY Brake Prob

>Hi All!  My 5kCSTQ since the replacement of the wheel bearings in the   
>front, has had the FREAKIEST brake prob.  After having driven a short   
>distance (less than 20 minutes of city), and then getting back in the car   
>from the store, the brakes will not work.  Essentially I can go to Best   
>Buy, get something and then after leaving the parking lot on my second or   
>third brake application the pedal is LOCKED.  It's like having a brick   
>under pedal.  It takes all the force I can muster, and then when they   
>finally do give the car comes to a screeching stop and I look like an   
>idiot. (more than normal anyway)  What is wrong with the beast?  Could it   
>be crap in the fluid?  Previous to the bearings I had a new master   
>cylinder put on, but they probably did not give me new fluid.  This is   
>really scarry when it happens because I cannot stop the car, and I stand   
>the chance of bumping someone.  Help!!

>Robert Dupree
>'87 5kCSTQ

       A few years back, the pulley flew off my PS pump. I had similiar
problems until I had a new pulley wheel pressed onto the spindle. 
However, I completely lost my Power Steering. Imagine what you are experiencing
at the brakes and combine that with similiar muscling on the steering wheel to
turn the car! Obviously not safe.
       Since you still have power steering, perhaps it's a bad bomb? My
mechanic said that most bomb's he's serviced only "partially fail" yielding
poor braking but still braking under power. 
       My bomb's on the way out. It pulses under heavy braking with a
corresponding flash of the red Brake Warning lamp in the dash. It seems about
75%-85% functional under most conditions. It needs to e replaced soon though.
       Good luck.
                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q (149K miles)
                                Siena College
                                Albany NY