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Re: 5kCSTQ with FREAKY Brake Prob

Dupree, Robert A. wrote:
> Hi All!  My 5kCSTQ since the replacement of the wheel bearings in the
> front, has had the FREAKIEST brake prob.  After having driven a short
> distance (less than 20 minutes of city), and then getting back in the car
> from the store, the brakes will not work.  Essentially I can go to Best
> Buy, get something and then after leaving the parking lot on my second or
> third brake application the pedal is LOCKED.  It's like having a brick
> under pedal.  It takes all the force I can muster, and then when they
> finally do give the car comes to a screeching stop and I look like an
> idiot. (more than normal anyway)  What is wrong with the beast?  Could it
> be crap in the fluid?  Previous to the bearings I had a new master
> cylinder put on, but they probably did not give me new fluid.  This is
> really scarry when it happens because I cannot stop the car, and I stand
> the chance of bumping someone.  Help!!
> Robert Dupree
> '87 5kCSTQ
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>                     Will Rogers

After master cylinder replacement I would have strongly recommended, complete brake 
system flushing (DOT 4). This has nothing to do with hydraulic fluid (pentosin) i am 
talking about brake fluid. Flush it and bleed it according to specs.
Also...if you disconnect ABS does your present problem go away ?

Good luck