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Re: TORSEN's er what

Robert Wheeldon quoted:
>>If you >>use a "standard" viscous diff, then add a
>>coupla 12v wires to control viscosity, you have adj bias....
and then said:
>Hummmm, what kind of fluid can you electrically (or magnetically) control
>the viscosity?  Can I use this stuff to make electrically adjustable shocks?

I think most of the viscous couplings make use of thrixatropic fluids
--yeah right, look it up.  The fluids I've seen that have "electrically
variable viscosity" are basically oils with suspended magnetic particles
which "stick together" to some degree when in a field.  While these could
be micron size particles, I'm not too sure how standard shock orifices
would handle such a fluid.  Then again, maybe NASA already has 'em???
'86's: 5ks&5ktq by the Hudson