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Fwd: VWQtm wagon

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Subj:    Re: New VWQtm
Date:    96-12-16 22:53:19 EST
From:    RDG51
To:      ddaily@smtpgw.mitsuicomtek.com

Saw your post--I'm interested in an 87 quantum wagon, for sale by a local
owner. I have an 83 TQC presently, but need a spare car for the winter, as so
far I haven't made it through the last 3 winters without some major repair
required. The car is blue, ~100k miles, very clean and straight. I would be
interest to know what it is worth (NADA says 3800 retail I believe). I would
also like to know what your experience is with the car and what to look for
when negotiating the deal.  THanks for any help you can offer.---Rob Greene