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Re: Koni struts and 4KCSQ

David Conner wrote:
> Could somebody who has experience with Koni adjustable struts on a 4KCSQ
> recommend a setting for me to try?  This car was Steve Verona's OOOOWWW-D
> which is set up for the track with stock springs and Koni sport adjustables
> set to full stiff.  I want to adjust the struts for mainly street use but
> the rears must be removed to do this.  I don't want to do it more often than
> necessary.
> As a guide to what I think I want to achieve...I like the feel of my 5KS
> with Boge TurboGas.
> TIA,
> DC
> Dave Conner, Columbus OH
> conner@cfm.ohio-state.edu
>  '87 5KS, '89 100, 86 4KCSQ

Hi Dave,
If you like the feel of the boge turbo gas, trade me your koni's for my 

My personal recomendation for the Koni's used with stock springs would be 
to set the rear one point up from the base setting, and the front in the 
same place...
Probably a real good spot for the rear, and the front would be easy to 
adjust anyway.

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