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Re: 91tqw20v headlight woes

>Understand Euro lights can be had for $1000, or various
>aftermarket bumpermounted driving/fog lights.Would love to hear opinions on
>the best route to go for great night visibility- we don't drive as fast at
>night here in Montana, but sometimes there are so many deer lurking in the

Get the Euro Lamps from 800/4-Metrix ext 245 Philippe Sabot  $500 and 
your light problems are history

Those lights are the OEM (for Europe) Bosch units:

for 200 10V 08.83-12.91     LH: #0301071105    RH: #0301071106 - mine

for 200 20V 03.89-12.90     LH: #0301071109    RH: #0301071110


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.

St. Louis, Mo