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Re: A4q Radio question

In article <32B5A9D4.3445@bway.net> you write:
>So who makes a pullout version for A4s? How can the original be pulled?
>Is it a hassle? I've noticed that dealers who park their new cars in a
>semi-public place pull the radios to prevent just such an event as I'm

Pull out radios seem to have been lacking seriously in popularity.  My
wife's '90 Fox had a rather nice Blau pull-out radio, and we always
pulled it out when we parked in an unfamiliar neighborhood.  I always
thought it would be nice to have several different "sleevs", one for
each car, then just swap the stereo between them...

That was several years ago though.  Right about that time, all the
manufacturers were switching to the removable face-plate radios.
I think the theory was that the removable face was easier to carry
around than the whole radio.

I thought that most radios that had the "code" feature also had a
flashing light to indicate that.  Besides, most of the code radios
have a "dealer activation" mode that works on all of them -- and
it's usually not THAT hard to get ahold of it.

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