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Re: Ping under full boost solved

Avi Said:

>I also have Paul's set-up and it seems to work OK, so far I only 
>once had a ping. Even when I ran with 87 octane I did not notice 
>much of ping, I have not checked lately but the last time (I checked) 
>I was running around 15-16PSI with no ping.

Naughty naughty Avi, running that cheapo gas.  Bettery you than me!
I am not suprised you got a little pinging with under those
conditions.  I always carry a bottle of octane booster that I can
use in an emergency, as keeping my foot out of for a whole tank would
prove impossible.  :-) As we left it, after install, you car was running 
pretty darned fast.  

I don't really recommend installing a pop off vavle on a car with a 
catalytic convertor.  You will be fooling the FI system into dumping
fuel into the system and thus down the exhaust manifold, and into
your cat.  A closed loop that dumps back into turbo inlet is
a better approach.  I hope to develope a kit next year.