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5KCSTQ rear brakes??

1986 5000 CSTQ

While putting the winter wheels on the car last weekend I noticed 
that the rear disks and pads are in poor shape.  The emergency 
brake has not worked in a while.  The cables are new, but the
right rear caliper has stopped adjusting.  Consequently I was 
thinking of procuring two new rotors, two sets of pads, and either 
one or two new (or preferably rebuilt) rear calipers.

I looked through the archives, but failed to find a reference for
a good source for these parts (even though I know there is one there

As I have no idea what type of pads are in there (front or rear)
I don't know what to get as replacements. I am a sedate driver
(honest!! I would even wear a hat if there was enough headroom!)
so I don't need anything exotic, but I would like them to work.
Recommendations?  Also, should I replace the front ones at the 
same time just to keep them matched?

Any pointers to sources or gottchas to look out for would be