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Re: Multimeters

In a message dated 96-12-17 10:32:13 EST, Mark.Pollan@MCI.Com (Mark Pollan)

> I am looking for a good, analog multimeter to get my Audi for Christmas.
>  Went to Sears and all they was a digital one.  Am considering looking at 
>  Snap-On but they are sooo pricey.
>  Any recommendations?  Sources?

Mark, since this is to be a gift for your Audi, not for you, you might as
well treat her right and get her what she really needs most: a multimeter
with a Frequency and Duty Cycle measuring capability. Forget Radio Shock,
they don't have any. Fluke 83/85/87 (start at $250) or a Wavetek 2000 (mine)
come to mind.
They are 4.5 digit digitals, but have a moving analogue bar at the bottom. I
love my 1958 vintage analogue multimeter, but there are cases, when I can't
use it, 'coz of its relatively low input impedance (voltage producing by the
O2 sensor, for example. SOB shunts the sensor and the car stumbles. No
problem with measuring same with my Wavetek, 'coz it has a gigantic input
impedance). Also on a digital one you'll have a Diode Check feature
(sometimes you can't check a p-n junction with a regular Ohm meter).

If you are interested, I can give you several discount sources in early
January. The catalogues are in my office and I am on vacation.

Igor Kessel
Senior New Product Development Engineer
M.S. Molecular Physics 1980
M.S.E.E. 1984