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Re: New VWQtm -Reply

Let me put it this way.  If I lived close to you I'd be in the market
for the same vehicle.  Can't help you too much with the negotiations (
I think the car is worth much more!).  Bought my 86 VW Qtm from orig.
w/ 50k miles. Factory sticker inside lists ~$17k new...I paid $6900. 
I have the same engine, no work other than gaskets (although it can
use it by now).  This is a great car, I'm trying o hold this one out
until the new VW Passat comes to market.  If you can get an 87 for
~4k I'd do it.  Of course this vehicle is not a "sports CAR",  its a
wagon built for people who still need room to carry stuff, but I
think you'll be surprised by the handling and especially the typical
quattro striaghtline traction (Don't you love that pull?).  
Do me a favor if you can, check inside the back "compartment" near
the rt.rear wheel well.  There should be this plastic storage tray of
~8"-18" alongside.  After 8 years I'm still trying to figure out what
the original purpose of this is!  (I use it for duct tape, rope,
pocket knife, the essentials...;-) ) Let me know how it goes.
86 VW Qtm Syn
97 A4tq -OR- 98 VW Passat Synchro?